Google Analytics 4 Event Monitoring Service

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When you sign up for Lotllinx GA Event Monitoring you receive:

GA4 Event Setup Confirmation

Lotlinx GA4 provides event setup verification during the onboarding process thus ensuring your GA4 event configuration is correct and able to capture the data you need on a daily basis.

GA4 Event Monitoring

Lotlinx, in real-time, monitors all of the following events , Traffic Volume, Communications (click to call, click to text, etc.), Interactions (coupons, incentives, etc.), Form Submissions, Proper Event Reporting (naming, firing, changing, etc.)

Event Alerting

Receive alerts so that you can track the current performance of your VINs based on analytics, demand, and pricing.


Benchmark and track over time the current performance of your site event conversions vs others in the market; this includes being able to know your website tool usage as well as providing inventory benchmarking vs. your peers.

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