6 Vital Inventory Strategies Dealers Need to Have Their Marketing Plan Support

If you expect to hit your sales goals, you need to segment your marketing activities to focus on your specific inventory objectives. Here are six essential ways to ensure your marketing makes a meaningful impact – all with the help of artificial intelligence.

As the Chief Strategy Officer at LotLinx, Inc., my most meaningful time is spent listening and speaking with general managers and marketing managers at dealerships. Despite having spent the last 20 years in the automotive industry with major players like AutoTrader
and Cox Automotive, there is still always the chance to learn and solve new problems. What I find dealers most care about is speaking their
language and aligning to the way they operate their business. This language is “Turn, Volume Gross, and Risk.” Right now, my specific focus is on helping dealerships move the vehicles that they are most motivated to sell today, more cost-effectively and faster. We can do this by applying artificial intelligence.

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