Lotlinx Products and Solutions

Lotlinx revolutionizes the automotive industry, empowering dealers with cutting-edge data and technology necessary to thrive in a dynamic industry where every move counts. Seamlessly integrating real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision-targeted vehicle advertising, Lotlinx equips dealers with the tools to identify potential risks and execute VIN-specific strategies for efficient inventory movement. Embrace the future of automotive success, seize control of your business, and unlock new levels of profitability with Lotlinx’s innovative features and precision-targeted demand management.

Lotlinx VIN Manager

Detect at-risk VINs based on market signals and lot conditions automatically. View real-time market share rankings. Understand a vehicle’s market position to manage turn rate, days on lot, and inventory risk.

Lotlinx VMX

Get real-time insights on when to boost specific VINs. Track price, local market supply, and active shopper demand against local dealerships and national market standards.

Lotlinx Video

Optimize video ad spending with an end-to-end inventory solution. Generate 7 second video ads for each campaign vehicle. Execute ads on Google, Facebook, Youtube, and OTT streaming.

Lotlinx Convert

Transform your VDPs into mobile-optimized pages to drive conversions and sales. Let shoppers interact with your dealership everywhere they go via mobile.

Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer

Reduce wasted spending and achieve 100% transparency of campaign dollars. View your spending and its ROI by tracking VINs’ digital presence and optimizing it.

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