Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 261: A shock to the EV system

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Industry roundup:

FROM THE WASHINGTON POST: Biden to remake U.S. auto industry with toughest emissions limits ever

Just months after the EPA set stringent emissions regulations for 2023-26 new-vehicle models, it is doubling down with increased regulations through 2032. These protocols could increase EV market share to 67% for light-duty vehicles and 46% for medium-duty vehicles in just under a decade.

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FROM CNBC: Nearly half of Americans say it’s unlikely they’ll buy an electric vehicle as their next car

According to a recent poll, only 35% of Americans support stricter emissions regulations. Even fewer respondents, 19%, say it is highly likely they would buy an electric vehicle, while 47% conclude it is very unlikely. 80% of participants cite a lack of charging availability as their main argument against an EV purchase.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: GM overtakes Ford as the No. 2 U.S. seller of EVs

Ford’s EV sales increased 41% in Q1, but GM sold nearly double the number of electric units in the same three months. Both automakers are investing billions to stake their claim in the national EV market, while Tesla still holds on to two-thirds of the share.

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: Cheap new cars are going extinct while $60,000 SUVs and trucks flood the market

Only 17% of new vehicles sold last month were priced below $30,000, that’s down from 44% in 2019. Meanwhile, the number of full-size trucks and SUVs selling over $60,000 has more than doubled in the same time. These trends are not representative of consumer finances and have left a hole in the market for reasonably priced inventory.

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