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Effortlessly streamline your inventory turnover and optimize your dealership’s operations with Lotlinx.

Lotlinx can help your dealership:

Accelerate Your Automobile Inventory Turnover

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Auto Inventory Management Software Benefits

Auto inventory management software benefits encompass a wide range of advantages, including reducing dealership expenses, mitigating inventory risk, eliminating VIN guesswork, and more.

Reduce Dealership Expenses

Reduce dealership expenses and attract higher-quality vehicle detail page (VDP) views.

Mitigate Inventory Risk

Mitigate the risk of inventory aging out and the need to mark down inventory.

Eliminate VIN Guesswork

Gain complete visibility into advertising spend allocation for each VIN.

Improve Channel Spending

Allocate channel spending based on where the most engaged shoppers are coming from.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

By leveraging Lotlinx’s VIN Manager, an advanced dealership inventory management software, you can stay ahead of the competition and maximize your dealership’s success in a rapidly evolving automotive industry.

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Accelerate Inventory Turnover

Compare vehicles at the VIN-level and make decisions to accelerate turnover.

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Maximize Inventory Profitability

Quickly optimize car inventory transactions for maximum profitability.

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Boost ROI with Data-Driven Insights

Gain comprehensive ROI insights across the entire vehicle acquisition and turnover process.

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Eliminate Wasteful Spending

Adjust channel budgets on a per-VIN basis using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning.

How Our Dealership Inventory Management Platform Works

Our dealership inventory management platform works through a three-step process that optimizes inventory turnover, improves data insights, and enhances dealership profitability.



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Leverage your Current Dealership Inventory & Google Analytics 4 (GA4) Data

Provide us access to your inventory and GA4 data. See at a glance exactly how much money you’re spending and what results that money is generating. Together, we will uncover which units need more or less attention in order to sell and set up a plan to promote the VINs that need the most help.

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Develop a VIN-Specific Strategy that Aligns with Your Dealership Goals

Work within the platform to control your dealership inventory at the VIN-level and reach the profit and volume goals you’ve set for your dealership.

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Why Do Dealerships Choose Lotlinx?

Lotlinx was created to hand power back to the dealer. Lotlinx empowers dealerships through cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies, setting it apart from competitors and providing unique advantages to boost dealership success. Without leveraging such an advanced auto dealer management system, dealers may experience reduced visibility into VIN-level profit and loss, face challenges in managing VIN markdowns, and waste resources on ineffective advertising channels.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Effects of Not Using an Auto Inventory Management System?

Not using an auto inventory management system can result in reduced visibility into inventory levels, leading to inefficient turnover and aging inventory. Dealerships may waste money on ineffective advertising channels and miss out on potential sales opportunities. Without data-driven insights, pricing and marketing strategies become less effective, impacting overall profitability.

A dealer inventory management system, like Lotlinx, streamlines and optimizes various aspects of managing a dealership’s vehicle inventory. It enables efficient tracking, organization, and analysis of vehicle stock, facilitating faster turnover and reducing aging inventory. Additionally, the system provides real-time data insights and automation to improve decision-making, maximize profitability, and enhance overall dealership operations.

Alternatives to Lotlinx may lack the robust data-driven capabilities offered by Lotlinx. These alternatives might not provide detailed insights at the VIN level, leading to suboptimal inventory turnover and sales performance. Additionally, they could rely on assumptions regarding ROI for each VIN, resulting in less accurate profitability assessments. Moreover, other options might allocate advertising budgets arbitrarily, leading to less effective marketing strategies and potentially wasteful spending on underperforming channels.


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