San Francisco Toyota moves up in rank 60 spots with Lotlinx

San Francisco Toyota’s General Manager Edwin Tan uses the Lotlinx precision retailing platform to manage inventory across the dynamic Northern California market. Lotlinx AI and machine learning technology has diversified Tan’s marketing efforts, decreased the average days on lot per unit, and accelerated inventory sales, solidifying the store’s position as a brand leader. 

“Lotlinx definitely helps us move metal at a much faster pace than we’re used to.”

Edwin Tan
General Manager

Key results

27% growth in new inventory sales year-over-year

#33 rank out of national Toyota dealerships, down from #93

15 days on lot on average for units in a Lotlinx campaign, down from 45 days

“Lotlinx helps us spend the right amount of digital advertising in the right place.”

Edwin Tan
General Manager

Key advantages

  • San Francisco Toyota uses Lotlinx VIN-specific inventory management to segment advertising campaigns by fuel type, promoting electric, gas, and hybrid units in different markets. 
  • The proprietary Lotlinx data network takes the guesswork out of inventory management, pinpointing cars with too much or not enough attention from shoppers in the marketplace. 
  • Tan is able to take back control over his operations by examining each vehicle’s performance, evaluating vendor ROI, and streamlining spend to increase margins.
  • Lotlinx decreased the average days on lot for Tan’s inventory from 45 days to just 15 days once in a campaign, increasing the store’s profitability and its ability to quickly restock units. 
  • After accelerating inventory turn, the store saw a 27% increase in new inventory sales from 2022 to 2023. 
  • Since partnering with Lotlinx, San Francisco Toyota has climbed the national Toyota rankings from #93 to #33 in just three years.

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