Steve White Auto Group increases daily VDP views by 5x

 Steve White Auto Group takes advantage of Lotlinx precision retailing technology to bring net-new shoppers and increased VDP views to inventory listings across multiple rooftops. Vice President Brian Scully and his Lotlinx performance manager work together to highlight specific inventory segments and bring attention to the makes, models, and price ranges that will have the…

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Lotlinx helps dealers move 14,000+ units in end-of-year push

At the end of 2023, a global automaker selected Lotlinx as its VIN-specific technology partner to help dealers across the nation promote and sell down their end-of-year inventory. The program helped dealers move 14,000+ units.  Key results 65.7% total inventory sold by all dealers 100% shoppers sent to dealer’s VDPs 87% traffic net-new to dealer’s…

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San Francisco Toyota moves up in rank 60 spots with Lotlinx

San Francisco Toyota’s General Manager Edwin Tan uses the Lotlinx precision retailing platform to manage inventory across the dynamic Northern California market. Lotlinx AI and machine learning technology has diversified Tan’s marketing efforts, decreased the average days on lot per unit, and accelerated inventory sales, solidifying the store’s position as a brand leader.  “Lotlinx definitely…

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Lotlinx helps dealers move 51% of units with 60+ days on lot

 In December 2023, a global automaker enlisted the VIN-specific Lotlinx platform to help dealers in the western region bring visibility to aging units approaching 60 days-on-lot. The program sold 51% of targeted inventory.  Key results 51% total inventory sold by all dealers 100% shoppers sent to dealer’s VDPs 87% traffic net-new to dealer’s site Download…

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Learn about Sentinel the VIN
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Maximize your profits with our automotive technology solutions that execute VIN-specific strategies via innovative features, including real-time market analysis and inventory management that increases turn, reduces waste, improves margins, and controls risk.

McCarthy Auto Group boosts conversions 140% in one month with Lotlinx

Advertising Director Matt Hunnicutt uses the Lotlinx precision retailing platform to manage inventory marketing for the McCarthy Auto Group’s twelve rooftops in Kansas City. Lotlinx AI and machine learning technology has decreased the marketing cost per unit, decreased the average days on lot per unit, and increased the number of low-funnel conversions on McCarthy’s vehicle…

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Kia of Everett cuts days on lot in half with OEM-approved Lotlinx

As a life-long salesman, General Manager Erik Butler understands the importance of moving inventory. Butler has partnered with Lotlinx and its team of inventory experts for over five years across two Harnish Auto Family stores. After establishing a trusted relationship with the Lotlinx team, the Harnish Auto Family now runs the precision retailing platform in…

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Fayetteville Dodge Ram boosts sales 241% with Lotlinx

When general manager Dominic Scruggs was hired to the run the Hudson Auto Group’s newly acquired Fayetteville Dodge Ram store, his first call was to Lotlinx. Dominic and the ownership’s main goals were to increase total unit sales, capture more market share, and move up in rank within their Stellantis zone. After working with the…

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King Automotive Group attributes 75% of sales to Lotlinx

Prior to using Lotlinx, King Automotive Group was focused on two main objectives: 1) accelerating inventory movement and 2) market share growth. However, managing partner, Jerad King, discovered that his existing inventory strategy was not effectively reaching the store’s target audience and was not exposing all of its inventory to potential buyers.  King reduced the…

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Lotlinx moves 100% of sunsetting inventory, decreases DOL by 30

Lotlinx provided urgent support to an import OEM in the Southeast Region to sell their sunsetting SUV model, improving days-on-lot for discontinuing vehicles. Eventually selling all targeted units in the region, the campaign success lead to the launch of a nationwide program to address challenges with the OEM’s entire SUV model line. Here’s what we…

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Midwest Auto Group

Focusing on pre-owned inventory across 5 dealerships, vehicles with high days on lot and costly price markdowns were targeted to see how Lotlinx could improve time-to-sale for slow moving units and decrease the number of markdowns necessary to move them. Here’s what we found: Download the PDF to view the full campaign results.

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Lotlinx was created to hand operational and fiscal control back to the dealer. We have been harnessing our AI and machine learning technology for over a decade, purely focusing on how dealers can move their inventory more efficiently and effectively.

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