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The Lotlinx data-driven AI inventory risk management platform gives dealers a market advantage on every vehicle transaction.

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On average, Lotlinx customers see 42% of new car inventory daily, while non-Lotlinx customers only see 30%.

“Lotlinx has absolutely helped us reduce markdowns and retain our gross profits. The management team is super happy with results like that.”

“Lotlinx definitely helps us move metal at a much faster pace than we’re used to.”

“Kia will not allow you to use co-op dollars with anybody you want, they have to meet a certain criteria. Obviously Lotlinx meets that.”

“The platform oversees every step of the ad creation to get those ads up and running, which I just don’t have the time or means to do.”

“These units posed a serious threat to that store’s margins if we didn’t sell them within our 90-day window. Lotlinx saved us a TON of time and money by making our campaign to move them quick and easy.”

“With Lotlinx Video, I am able to have more accountability over what’s happening on my lot.”

Optimize Inventory Risk Mitigation and Match the Right VIN With the Right Buyer at the Right Time — All Within Your Control

Lotlinx Sentinel: VIN Management Platform Dashboard
Product image taken from Sentinel the VIN Management Platform

Lotlinx Mitigates Inventory Risk

Lotlinx SENTINEL VIN Management Platform is a game-changer for dealerships. A revolutionary solution empowering dealerships to amplify vehicle inventory management and sales effectiveness. With advanced machine learning technology and predictive analytics, our evolved solution empowers dealerships to achieve unparalleled success by keeping a real-time watch over every VIN in inventory to help preempt and mitigate risk of compressing profit margins and increased holding costs due to aging stock.

With the largest data set in the industry, we’ve never lost sight of the fact that cars are a people business. After all, every VIN is as unique as its driver. That’s why the Lotlinx AI inventory management platform was created to hand operational and fiscal control back to the dealer. We have been harnessing our proprietary AI and machine learning technology for over a decade, purely focusing on how dealerships and OEMS can move their inventory better and faster.

Facts & Figures

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Data points

100 M

Shopper actions tracked


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Experience the Power of Data-Driven AI

A woman dressed in professional attire stands in front of a whiteboard. She is holding a marker and drawing graphs to illustrate VIN-specific strategies.

Execute VIN-Specific Strategies

Get competitive, information for every VIN – like pricing suggestions, in-market demand levels, days on lot (DOL) analysis, and turn rate predictions. Lotlinx uses data intelligence to analyze 26,000 dealership transactions and 5 million VINs daily, providing risk mitigation insights from 11 million Vehicle Detail Page (VDP) views leveraging over 12 years of data, resulting in enhanced ML algorithms.
Bar graph showing month-over-month profit margin after implementing a VIN-level strategy. A professional woman points to a specific data point on the graph highlighting the positive trend.

Increase Profit Margins

Lotlinx moves VINs 7-10 days faster, giving dealers stronger profitability through less wasted advertising spend and holding costs. Additionally nearly 70% of vehicles on Lotlinx are successfully sold with a PVR increase of $350.
A car dealer hands over keys to a happy woman seated in her new car. They shake hands to finalize the deal.

Move Metal Faster, Together

We are comprised of dedicated AI/ML engineers, talented inventory strategists, and performance teams focused on increasing inventory turnover. We have over 12 years of inventory data and are trusted by the top 100 dealer groups and 7+ OEMs for critical pricing, allocation, and targeting decisions.

Join hundreds of dealers revving up their dealership profitability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Lotlinx do?

Lotlinx is an automotive inventory platform that leverages data intelligence, enhances dealership profitability, and optimizes inventory turnover. By using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, Lotlinx helps dealers sell cars faster, increase profits, and reduce wasted advertising spend. It provides real-time insights into inventory data, consumer shopping behavior, and market demand, empowering dealers to run an efficient, data-driven business.

Lotlinx helps dealers meet their monthly profit goals by selling at-risk VINs at the highest possible margin. By avoiding severe price markdowns, Lotlinx increases profitability while minimizing the time it takes to sell and reducing holding costs.

Lotlinx’s VIN-specific technology identifies the right buyer for every car, allowing dealers to expose VINs that are not getting viewed through digital marketing efforts. This enables exposure to at-risk inventory and increases both operational profits and VIN-specific market share. Lotlinx SENTINEL uses machine learning to pinpoint specific VINs needing attention in real-time.


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