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Data-Driven Automotive Inventory Management Solutions with AI-Powered Insights

Discover actionable insights for optimized automotive inventory management.

Lotlinx, on average, boosts daily used inventory visibility by 19% compared to non-users.

Dashboard of Lotlinx's AI Powered Automotive Data Platform
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Our Dealership Inventory Management Solutions

Lotlinx offers dealership inventory management software that leverages data intelligence, enhances dealership profitability, and optimizes inventory turnover, ultimately contributing to the overall success and financial health of auto dealerships.

consultant demonstrates Lotlinx's AI-powered inventory management solutions dashboard to a client.

Data Intelligence

Lotlinx’s platform assesses 180+ market factors, identifying dealership challenges and opportunities, reducing profit loss by addressing pricing issues.

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Dealership Profitability

Lotlinx optimizes automobile inventory, aligning with market trends and customer preferences, enhancing sales efficiency, reducing costs, and boosting financial health.

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Inventory Turnover

Lotlinx connects dealerships with targeted shoppers, accelerating vehicle turnover, reducing holding costs, preserving profits, and enhancing sales efficiency and financial performance.

Benefits of Automotive Inventory Management Solutions

An automotive inventory management software offers dealerships and OEMs the benefits of enhanced profit margins, advanced VIN-specific strategies, and effective mitigation of inventory risks, all contributing to continuous profitability.

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Enhance Margins

Margin enhancement through real-time pricing optimization and targeted buyer engagement not only boosts immediate revenue but also strengthens the dealership’s financial base, facilitating investments in inventory and customer-focused efforts for long-term profitability.

Leverage VIN-Specific Strategies

Lotlinx leverages machine learning to offer precise VIN management insights, identifying sales-challenged and fast-selling vehicles. This data-driven approach empowers dealers to eliminate guesswork and enhance strategies, driving higher profitability and quicker inventory turnover.

Senior automotive professional discusses AI-powered inventory management solutions

Predict & Mitigate Inventory Risk

Lotlinx’s platform leverages real-time data tracking of over 180 market factors, offering dealerships a comprehensive view of inventory performance. This valuable insight enables swift issue resolution, mitigates aged inventory risks, and ensures efficient management, fostering sustained profitability.

Why Our Partners Love Us

Frequently Asked Questions

How can Lotlinx help move more cars?

The Lotlinx data is like no other in the marketplace. We have been perfecting our big data and machine learning for over 10 years and have amassed the ideal data set which includes 163 variables of data. With this data, we can identify inventory that is at risk and align that to the market demand. On average, we are able to move cars 7-10 days faster with Lotlinx Marketing.

Customers on the Lotlinx platform have experienced an incremental $350 profit per VIN for VINs that have been targeted with Lotlinx advertising.  This is attributed to the strength of the Lotlinx AI and machine learning technology that puts the control back into the dealer by demonstrating which vehicles need to be promoted when and then connecting the right buyer to the right VIN. By pin-pointing this so surgically, it helps to reduce wasted spending.

The trick to perfecting machine learning is to ensure you understand the end game in mind. Lotlinx has been working directly with their thousands of dealer partners for over 12 years to identify all of their pain points to inventory management. The Lotlinx data scientists and machine learning staff have worked diligently to perfect the data models. In addition, Lotlinx has established partnerships to acquire 3rd party data that is beneficial to perfecting the outcomes.


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