Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform

Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform is a data-rich artificial intelligence (AI) inventory management platform that delivers customized optimization tools for automotive dealers. Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform helps dealers do what they love: reduce inventory risk, increase inventory turnover, increase profits, and serve customers better.

What is Sentinel the VIN Management Platform?

It’s the secret to dealers’ success, as it delivers precise control over every part of the automotive retail process to maximize profits. Using Lotlinx’s predictive AI and machine learning technology leveraging 163 data variables, auto dealers customize inventory and target spend, selling cars 7-10 days faster, at higher margins (Average increase of PVR $350).

Lotlinx AI-driven technology solution automatically detects the at-risk VINs by gathering and interpreting strong market signals, evaluating lot conditions, and targeting spend to the inventory with the highest ROI opportunities, so you spend less and earn more per vehicle.

Everything you do, but only 30,000 times per second.

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Accelerate Your Automobile Inventory Turnover

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