Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer (VVO) Automotive Marketing Software

Do you spend substantial advertising dollars and not know what you are getting in return?

That is why Lotlinx developed our proprietary VIN View Optimizer report.

This report breaks down each paid and organic channel and identifies how each VIN is being promoted individually. It flags inventory that is at risk and inventory that is oversaturated.

Identify inventory risk, optimize advertising spend, and inspect your digital performance – with 100% visibility.

Benefits of VVO

VIN View Optimizer uses automotive marketing software to track and rank your inventory by digital engagement, allowing you to target your digital dollars to the VINs you need to move most. There has never been a more powerful way to manage inventory turnover while cutting wasted ad spend.

VVO integrates fully with your existing GA4 Analytics to track engagements from every online source. Experience unrivaled reporting transparency so you get the whole picture.

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