McCarthy Auto Group boosts conversions 140% in one month with Lotlinx

Advertising Director Matt Hunnicutt uses the Lotlinx precision retailing platform to manage inventory marketing for the McCarthy Auto Group’s twelve rooftops in Kansas City. Lotlinx AI and machine learning technology has decreased the marketing cost per unit, decreased the average days on lot per unit, and increased the number of low-funnel conversions on McCarthy’s vehicle details pages.

“Lotlinx has absolutely helped us reduce markdowns and retain our gross profits. The management team is super happy with results like that.”

Matt Hunnicutt
Advertising Director

Key results

140% growth in conversions in one month with Lotlinx

$62 per VIN to market and sell a vehicle with Lotlinx

16 days on lot on average for units in a Lotlinx campaign

“It’s very quick to implement our strategies with Lotlinx. It’s a necessity in this industry – you’ve got to be quick.”

Matt Hunnicutt
Advertising Director

Key advantages

  • The McCarthy Auto Group initially enlisted Lotlinx to move pricey used inventory above $35k that was impacting the group’s margins.
  • The Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer (VVO) gives Hunnicutt and team insight into how marketing spend is allocated across their entire inventory – by VIN and by vendor.
  • Hunnicutt uses VVO insights to compare vendors and set his monthly budget, noting that Lotlinx moves vehicles after a few days, while other vendors might take up to 90-120 days
  • Lotlinx decreased the average days on lot for Hunnicutt’s inventory from 42 days to just 16 days once in a campaign, decreasing the need for price markdowns on aged inventory.
  • Lotlinx reduced the marketing cost per VIN to $62, retaining higher gross profits per unit and making McCarthy’s total investment more effective.
  • After increasing their monthly investment, the store saw a 140% increase in shopper conversions from September to October.

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