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The Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform powered by Lexaca gives dealers control over every part of the retail process with predictive technology and an interactive platform of customized business tools.

Lotlinx has designed the Sentinel the VIN Management Platform to offer dealers maximum flexibility. Dealers can select one of two program options in order align Lotlinx strategies with their dealership’s budget and sales goals.

Both programs are powered by the same patented, AI-powered technology and target high quality ready-to-buy shoppers with VIN-specific advertisements via our proprietary omni-channel distribution network.

Program Type

Lotlinx Select

Media Model

Optimizes for inventory turn by focusing on individual VINs and charging at the shopper level.

Lotlinx Sentinel

Platform Model

Optimizes for risk aversion by focusing on inventory segments and charging at the Platform level.

Minimum VIN Requirement3030
Minimum Budget Requirement$3,750.00$3,750.00
Platform FeeN/A$750.00
Media Budget per VIN$125.00$125.00
Effective Cost per Shopper$6.25$3.75
Net Shoppers600+150%
Net VDP views1,000+150%

Lotlinx as Compared to Other Channels

Channel Based Vendor (1 month)

Lotlinx Sentinel (1 month)



Total Fees$5,000.00$3,000.00-$2,000.00-40.00%
Cost / VIN Marketed$82.51$27.41-$55.10-66.77%
Cost / VIN Sold$215.52$35.82-$179.70-83.38%
Cost / VDP View$5.53$2.14-$3.39-61.30%
Risk Avoidance
# of Inventory Covered (%)303 (27%)912 (100%)2.70x270.37%
Avg Holding Cost / Marketed VIN$1,530.00$1,050.00-$480.00-31.37%
Avg Managed Days / Marketed VIN5135-16-31.37%
Sell Thru Rate38.00%76.00%38%100.00%
Market Share Ranking7 of 82 of 85-250.00%

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