Fayetteville Dodge Ram boosts sales 241% with Lotlinx

When general manager Dominic Scruggs was hired to the run the Hudson Auto Group’s newly acquired Fayetteville Dodge Ram store, his first call was to Lotlinx.

Dominic and the ownership’s main goals were to increase total unit sales, capture more market share, and move up in rank within their Stellantis zone. After working with the Lotlinx platform previously, Scruggs knew it was the ideal solution to achieve these goals. 

“Lotlinx was my first phone call when I got here. I needed help moving metal and they knew what to do.”

Dominic Scruggs

General Manager

Key results

241% increase in total monthly sales year-over-year

133% increase in Stellantis monthly sales objective

16 days decrease in average inventory days on lot 

“We’ve been #1 consistently since we brought Lotlinx aboard.”

Dominic Scruggs
General Manager

Key advantages

  • General Manager Dominic Scruggs and his Lotlinx Performance Manager used the Lotlinx VIN View Optimizer to break down marketing spend by channel, traffic source, and third-party vendors
  • The store was able to cut over $10,000 in marketing budget by bringing marketing costs down from $487 to only $75 per VIN
  • Fayetteville Dodge Ram targeted over 200 units in its first month on the Lotlinx platform and saw a 44% sell through rate
  • Reaching active, interested buyers with the Lotlinx platform resulted in a 75% engagement rate and 45 tracked website conversions in just one month. 
  • The store’s average inventory days on lot was 38 days prior to the Hudson Auto Group’s acquisition. With Lotlinx, the store’s average days on lot decreased to 22 days. 
  • In the first month with Lotlinx, Scruggs improved sales by 241% year-over-year and exceeded his Stellantis monthly sales objective by 133%, topping their zone of 18 dealerships. 

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