Kia of Everett cuts days on lot in half with OEM-approved Lotlinx

As a life-long salesman, General Manager Erik Butler understands the importance of moving inventory. Butler has partnered with Lotlinx and its team of inventory experts for over five years across two Harnish Auto Family stores. After establishing a trusted relationship with the Lotlinx team, the Harnish Auto Family now runs the precision retailing platform in all six of its storefronts.

“Kia will not allow you to use co-op dollars with anybody you want, they have to meet a certain criteria. Obviously Lotlinx meets that.”

Erik Butler
General Manager

Key results

24 days on lot average for cars in a Lotlinx campaign

30% sales growth year-over-year with help from Lotlinx

74% net new shoppers on average to the dealer’s site

“I can’t think of a month – or a year – when my ROI with Lotlinx wasn’t excellent.”

Erik Butler
General Manager

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