Steve White Auto Group increases daily VDP views by 5x

 Steve White Auto Group takes advantage of Lotlinx precision retailing technology to bring net-new shoppers and increased VDP views to inventory listings across multiple rooftops. Vice President Brian Scully and his Lotlinx performance manager work together to highlight specific inventory segments and bring attention to the makes, models, and price ranges that will have the greatest impact on the group’s bottom line. 

“I like the laser-focused approach of putting a specific car in front of a customer.”

Brian Scully
Vice President

Key results

16 days to sale for 50% of at- risk campaign vehicles

5x views per new vehicle VDP delivered daily

5x shoppers net-new per vehicle delivered daily

Key advantages

  • Scully’s team uses the Lotlinx platform to execute a segmented approach to inventory management, with each inventory segment aligned to unique objectives and strategies for promotion
  • Examples of the group’s strategies include promoting models with the highest inventory volumes, at-risk units exceeding a certain number of days on lot, or units exceeding a certain price range
  • For every campaign, the proprietary Lotlinx platform delivers VIN-specific ads to low funnel buyers, ensuring optimal ad placement across an omni-channel network. 
  • The targeted promotion of each unit increased shopper engagement and boosted the group’s vehicle details page (VDP) views per day by 5x for new cars and 4x for used cars. 
  • By specifically targeting shoppers who have exhibited purchase intent, the number of net-new shoppers per vehicle per day grew 5x for new cars and 1x for used cars. 
  • These efforts resulted in 50% of the group’s at-risk units (~45 days on lot) selling after just 16 days on the Lotlinx platform, increasing profits and reducing the impact of carryover inventory. 

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