Lotlinx Sentinel

Predict Inventory Risk Before It Happens
  • Reduce inventory days on lot by at least 7-10 days
  • Avoid at least a $1,500 hit to gross
  • Gain an average increase of $350 in profit per unit

Give your dealership the Lotlinx Effect


What is Sentinel

Lotlinx Sentinel the VIN Management Platform is a data-rich artificial intelligence (AI) inventory management platform, with a proprietary demand elasticity prediction model. This unique model leverages 64 dimensions of AI prediction algorithms, based on consumer shopping data, delivering real time proactive actions for automotive dealers.

Sentinel helps dealers reach more demand versus dropping prices. Since the Sentinel platform is doing the work for them, dealers get to do more of what they love: spending time with their customers and team while reducing inventory risk, increasing inventory turnover, increasing profits, and serving more customers.

Get The Highlights

The most robust Omni-Channel Automotive Network that connects shopper demand and buyer behavior at the VIN level , creating a media plan specific to each VIN.

Leverages the most advanced AI and machine learning in the market, 24 billion data points, that forecasts risks and implements targeted corrective actions at the VIN level, resulting in reduced time on lot, higher margins, and enhanced competitive market performance.

Monitors and protects your inventory 24/7 and studies pricing, competitive stocking, days on lot.


A Deeper Dive Into Our Machine Learning

  • Predicts inventory and pricing risks and takes immediate action
    Tackles little problems before they become BIG problems
  • Improves inventory media coverage by 300%
    Redirects wasted budget to promote at-risk inventory
  • Increases shopping traffic and engagement by 200%
    Gives you the opportunity to improve sales efficiency
  • Delivers a 130% increase in net-new buyer demand
    Incremental buyers can yield more sales

Proven Results

Sell cars 7-10 days faster

Increase profit per vehicle retailed by $350

300% increase in VIN media coverage

200% decrease in cost per shopping session

300% surge in goal conversions

130% increase in new to franchise customers

Avoid at least a $1,500 hit to gross

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