Lotlinx helps dealers move 51% of units with 60+ days on lot

 In December 2023, a global automaker enlisted the VIN-specific Lotlinx platform to help dealers in the western region bring visibility to aging units approaching 60 days-on-lot. The program sold 51% of targeted inventory. 

Key results

51% total inventory sold by all dealers

100% shoppers sent to dealer’s VDPs

87% traffic net-new to dealer’s site

Download the PDF to view the full campaign results.

About Lotlinx:

Lotlinx empowers automobile dealers with data and technology to give the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Lotlinx offers a suite of features such as real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision targeted vehicle advertising. Dealers leverage the platform to identify potential inventory risks and execute VIN-specific strategies enabling them to move inventory faster and more efficiently.

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