LotLinx Adds VINdrop to its VIN Specific Shopper Targeting Technology Platform TURN

LotLinx, the leading digital advertising technology solution for the auto industry, today announced the expansion of their VIN specific product suite, LotLinx TURN™ with the release of LotLinx VS – VINdrop. This exciting new product allows dealers to boost end-of-month performance and revenue goals by generating up to ten additional sales in ten days through a blast of 15 low-funnel shopper VDP views per VIN

VINdrop is now seamlessly added into LotLinx TURN™, a platform that gives dealers valuable metrics on shoppers targeted, total spend, sold VINS, conversions, and engagements on VDPs. Through its research, LotLinx has found that approximately 40 percent of dealers see their biggest sales spike in the final 7 days of each month, particularly around holidays like Labor Day and Christmas. VINdrop enables marketers to laser-focus their efforts during peak periods of consumer shopping, and ensure their digital strategy is “firing on all cylinders” to support incremental sales and vehicle turn.

The core of LotLinx’ technology platform has been its VS – Omni-Channel campaigns, which identifies VIN specific shoppers in their market, based on search behavior analytics, and delivers them straight to the dealer’s VDP. This solution has been a key driver of digital strategy for many of the most successful dealerships in the country, including LotLinx customer George Grubbs Infiniti in Texas. Grubbs recently had the #1 sales volume Infiniti dealership in the world, and saw his sales velocity increase by 106% in one month alone through VS-targeting.

VINdrop was designed with the success of VS – Omni-channel in mind, but with the intentions of being used alongside traditional media, and the ability to be customized for time-sensitive campaigns that deliver shoppers as quickly as they’re available for as long as budget allows. The opportunity to combine LotLinx VS – Omni-Channel and VINdrop campaigns provides dealers with exciting new sales opportunities for dealers, enhancing their ability to make better marketing decisions and improve ROI on digital ad spend.

LotLinx continues to roll out products designed to benefit dealers and address inefficiencies in their marketing spend. With today’s digital shopper in mind, LotLinx recently added new products to its dynamic TURN platform, including Photo AI, which uses machine learning to boost underperforming ads, and Amplified Mobile Pages (AMP), which offers dealers optimized, mobile-friendly VIN landing pages.

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