LotLinx Head of Product Requests Assistance with Google Analytics Bots

On April 16th, 2020, the product team at LotLinx began noticing an uptick in traffic coming from Little Rock, AR in our clients’ Google Analytics accounts.

Our company uses our own proprietary click tracking system that allows us to troubleshoot issues like these for our clients. We went through our click tracking log files and were able to associate all of these clicks from Little Rock, AR to a company called “Oath Holdings,” which was previously known as AOL. All of these clicks are originating from Google Ads Display campaigns, and it is affecting every campaign our dealers have running, not just our LotLinx campaigns.

This is not limited to LotLinx, but CarGurus, Autotrader, and all companies utilizing Google Ads Display to drive traffic to a dealer’s website. We’ve confirmed within the Google Ads accounts that the dealer is not being charged for these clicks; in fact, the clicks are not even reported in Google Ads. This only seems to be a reporting issue within Google Analytics.

The LotLinx team is requesting Google’s immediate assistance with this false traffic error.

Please contact LotLinx head of product, Dan Legal, at dlegal@lotlinx.com. 

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