Lotlinx News Vol. 307: Don’t put all your inventory in one basket

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Defend Against Inventory Risk on Your Lot

Our 2024 Dealership Inventory Predictions and Strategies playbook dives into the market factors that may create risk for your dealership this year and the strategies you can use to combat it. 

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Industry roundup:

FROM CNBC: ‘Too early to judge’: Global carmakers contend with closure at busiest U.S. auto port

Automakers are still unclear about the impacts of a bridge collapse at the nation’s 11th largest shipping port earlier this week. The port handled around 850,000 cars and light trucks last year, but most OEMs don’t foresee significant delays in cargo movement or inventory deliveries at this time.

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FROM CBT NEWS: March sees 12.1% new car sales surge amid market adjustments

Analysts are feeling positive about sales growth this month, predicting double digit increases in total and retail sales. This growth is fueled by declining transaction prices and climbing incentives, which also means retailer profit margins are falling as a result.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: New EPA rule provides clarity, flexibility for the EV transition, suppliers say

A new wave of emissions regulations projects that BEVs should make up between 30% and 56% of all light-duty vehicle sales in the U.S. by 2032. The latest rules from the EPA should help automakers better align their strategies to meet the desired goal.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Used-car sales pick up pace after slow start to 2024

Used-car and CPO sales took a hit in January for both franchised and independent dealers, but managed to secure slight year-over-year increases in February. This step in the right direction bodes well for the remainder of the spring season.

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