Lotlinx News Vol. 311: Doubling down on dealer discounts

Lotlinx insights:

Markdown Mythbusters

Lotlinx has been tracking the price elasticity of millions of VINs for over 10 years, and we’ve uncovered some truths about pricing markdowns.

Download the free Markdown Mythbusters infographic for answers to questions like:

  • Will marking down a car automatically spur VDP views?
  • Should markdowns only be applied for aged units?
  • Do higher pricedvehicles responddifferently to markdowns thanlower pricedvehicles?


Industry roundup:

FROM REUTERS: U.S. auto sales set to modestly rise in May, report shows

Despite declining EV demand, U.S. new vehicle sales are expected to rise in May 2024. With a notable 48.1% increase in average incentive spend per vehicle this year, new vehicle sales are projected to climb by 2.9%. Automakers  are refocused on higher-margin hybrids and gasoline-powered models as shoppers lean less towards EVs due to disadvantages like high purchase prices, lack of charging station availability, and limited driving distance per charge.

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FROM WARDS AUTO: Memorial day deals likely offset by incentives, leasing

Discounts surged over Memorial Day weekend as new vehicle prices continue to drop and inventory levels rise. Despite higher incentives and a rise in leasing, these shifting trends suggest vehicles could spend an average of 40 days on dealers’ lots before being sold, compared to 29 days a year ago.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Average age of vehicles in U.S. continues to rise

The average age of U.S. vehicles hit a record high of 12.6 years in 2024, driven by pricing trends aggravated by COVID-19. The average new vehicle price is just over $45,000 this year, in contrast with the $33,695 average price in April 2019. With more vehicles aging out of manufacturer warranties, the demand for local repair shops is increasing.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Used vehicle inventory rises in May as tax refund season fails to boost sales

Spring sales fell as the anticipated tax refund boost failed to generate sales, leaving a 6% increase in unsold used vehicles compared to last year. Consumer affordability continues to be a challenge, with the average listing price now at $25,571—a 6% decrease from 2023 and with leading brands such as Ford, Toyota, and Nissan seeing price drops of over 9%.

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