LotLinx Releases Enhanced VIN View Optimizer to Analyze Dealership Marketing Spends

The automotive technology company announced major product updates to its proprietary analytics tool

LotLinx, the automotive industry’s leading inventory marketing technology company, announces the revamp of their award-winning marketing tool, the VIN View Optimizer (VVO). The VVO breaks down a dealership’s marketing spend by VIN, by channel, and by source/medium, helping cutting-edge dealers run the leanest marketing operations possible. The latest product update features a completely redesigned user interface, mobile friendliness, advanced reporting, and market insights. 

The VVO gives dealers complete transparency into their inventory, down to the VIN level, in one easy tool. LotLinx fully integrates with a dealer’s existing Google Analytics to track engagements from every online source, including third parties and SEM. VVO then analyzes a store’s entire inventory exposure to identify the most profitable pricing and promotion opportunities on the dealer’s lot. 

The company recently updated the VVO’s in-depth, VIN-level reporting. Now, each piece of inventory receives full pricing, demand, and engagement analysis, as well as a ranking of the VIN’s performance in the marketplace – data points that are vital to determining the proper pricing and promotion strategy for every unit. 

To access the full scope of VVO data, dealers simply input their existing Google, social, and third-party advertising budgets to configure their monthly investment per unit. 

We see ourselves as a VINTech company, and it’s the technology that is telling us the story that there is still a massive amount of waste in dealership marketing budgets. The classic 20/80 rule still holds strong when it comes to the distribution of marketing dollars across a dealership’s inventory set.

says Alex Karpyza,
LotLinx Senior Director of Product Development

Dealers can start identifying wasted spend with the free proprietary marketing tool by visiting https://www.lotlinx.com/vin-view-optimizer or emailing hello@lotlinx.com and mentioning “VVO.”

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