LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 103: AI is Nobody’s Fool

This week, don’t be caught off guard by the impacts of COVID-19. Read how dealers, vehicle sales, and customer satisfaction are adjusting to the virus, and how AI could push scientists closer to a vaccine.


FROM WARDSAUTO: Car Dealers Tell What They’re Going Through

Increasing state restrictions are forcing dealers to get creative with revenue flow. Many are relying on customer communication, service operations, collaboration with other stores, and NADA-curated content to maintain productivity during this unusual time.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Automakers Are About to Give an Inkling of the Sales Collapse Ahead

Social distancing guidelines have been extended for another month and analysts can’t be sure how the SAAR will continue to fluctuate. The current average prediction is around 11.2 million units, a rate unseen since 2011.

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FROM WIRED: AI Can Help Scientists Find a COVID-19 Vaccine

Research teams are using the superhuman technology to connect the dots between thousands of medical findings and share data across the globe in the hopes of speeding up vaccine discovery.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Customer Satisfaction Increases but Detriments Expected Due to COVID-19

Before COVID-19, 2020’s customer service rating was sitting around 80%. While many service departments remain open, the increasing lack of parts and difficulty of complying with social distancing regulations could have a lasting effect on consumer satisfaction.

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