LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 104: Early Bird Gets the AI

Crack open this week’s automotive advancements for the latest updates on March sales and COVID-19 factory closures. Plus, how one clinic is seeing the sunny side of autonomous vehicles.


FROM REUTERS: BMW Sees Demand Falling Further After First Quarter Sales Plunge Due to Coronavirus

Many OEMs are reporting double digit Q1 sales decreases due to factory closures in China, Europe, and now the U.S. Analysts expect these decreases to continue as nearly 70% of retail outlets remain closed due to state mandated orders.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: COVID-19 Forces Extensions of Plant Closings

Manufacturers continue to announce factory closure extensions to adhere to national safety regulations. While the closures have impacted sales and supplies operations, many idle factories are being used to produce essential medical equipment.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Automakers Have One Hot Seller Left: The Seven-Year Car Loan

In the last week of March, 23% of new car buyers opted for a 7-year loan, proving incentives, extended loans, and payment plans are vital to continued sales during this uncertain time.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Autonomous Shuttles Assist in Transporting COVID-19 Tests

The Mayo Clinic is using fully autonomous shuttles to transport used COVID-19 testing kits throughout its Florida facility. Without a need for human operation, the vehicles reduce risk and save time for clinic staff.

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