LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 105: AI Is the Missing Puzzle Piece

This week’s automotive advancements aren’t playing games. Check out which OEMs are taking one for the team, and how dealers are reevaluating their strategies. Plus, how Chinese dealerships are starting to bounce back post-COVID-19.


FROM REUTERS: Volkswagen Offers Cars for Relief Efforts in U.S. Virus-Hit Regions

The manufacturer is offering its U.S. loaner fleet of around 7,000 vehicles to assist with food and supplies deliveries to those affected by COVID-19. The service helps keep dealership employees active while fostering a relationship with communities in need.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: China’s Dealers Sell Online, Get OEM Help During COVID-19 Shutdown

Over 90% of Chinese dealerships are up and running thanks to government and OEM financial breaks, as well as a renewed focus on online operations. Analysts predict the country will see an 8-10% yearly sales decline due to the lost period of sales.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Strong Pre-COVID-19 Sales Could Help Dealers Succeed Later

Analysts believe the industry’s position prior to the COVID-19 outbreak will play a major role in how it recovers. Incentives and full lots will be awaiting consumers when their vehicles come off lease and their desire for isolated travel grows.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Fear of an Impending Car-Price Collapse Grips Auto Industry

While newly off-lease vehicles might one day drive consumers to the lot, both car sales and prices dropped in the last weeks of March – leaving many lenders concerned with the long term impacts of their piling inventory.

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