LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 106: AI Doesn’t Grow on Trees

This week’s industry advancements are in full bloom. Read how factory closures are impacting global output, and why UAW health concerns could delay U.S. reopenings. Plus, a big win for auto sales operations.


FROM BLOOMBERG: Auto Sales Are Added to U.S. Guidelines on Essential Workers

Thanks to lobbying efforts from dealer associations and major industry names, the updated essential businesses list now includes nearly all dealership operations. The official decision to reopen stores is up to state jurisdiction, however the federal ruling holds much significance.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Global Auto Output Could Fall by 20% in 2020, Forecast Says

The market is predicted to lose as many as 19 million units this year due to factory closures across the globe, costing many OEMs delayed rollouts of their newest models. This forecast will fluctuate based on the industry’s ability to return to business as usual.

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FROM REUTERS: UAW, Detroit Automakers in Talks Over Safety Rules to Reopen U.S. Plants

U.S. manufacturers have begun planning factory reopenings for early next month. Working alongside the UAW, the timing of the openings will depend heavily on the availability of safety equipment and the option for paid sick leave to prevent the further spread of disease.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Consumer Confidence in Future Auto Technology Decreases

Analysts are left uneasy after a new report outlines consumers’ growing concerns with emerging automotive technology. General sentiments regarding safety and practicality dipped for both self-driving and battery-electric vehicles.

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