LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 107: Maybe They’re Born With It, Maybe It’s AI

Everyone’s talking about May! This week’s automotive advancements are gearing up for next month’s plant reopenings, the gradual upswing of new and used sales, and day-to-day business restructures.


FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Auto Sales Show Signs of Recovery, J.D. Power Says

According to new data, the coronavirus’ impact on retail sales has already started to lessen across all major markets. Analysts now predict a steady 40-50% decline in weeks to come, a more manageable drop than many countries experienced during the peaks of their outbreak.

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FROM NBC NEWS: Automakers Adjust to ‘New Normal’ as They Prepare to Reopen Plants

Many U.S. manufacturers are set to reopen their doors in early May. To ensure the health of their employees, OEMs are collaborating on the new standard of safety – including daily health checks, required PPE, and redesigned work stations.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Hard-Hit Wholesale Vehicle Market Only Begins to Recover

Wholesale auctions are feeling the heat from declining used car sales, with many dealers afraid to restock their lots in uncertain times. However, analysts believe the desire for affordable used cars will spike when the impacts of the virus die down, benefiting both industries.

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FROM THE NEW YORK TIMES: Ford Expects $5 Billion Loss in Current Quarter as Coronavirus Hits Demand

The major U.S. manufacturer is echoing the concerns of OEMs around the world. While many are stable enough to navigate the pandemic, unforeseen hits in demand and production are forcing company restructures and putting a pin in new projects.

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