LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 112: Say AI Loud, and Say It Proud!

This week we’re proud of May sales progress, factories powering through summer shutdowns, a new age of virtual selling, and the rising stars shaping the industry.


FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Auto Sales in May Show Slow Recovery as States Reopen

Analysts predict May saw a 32.5% industry-wide sales decrease, with all reporting brands continuing to see year over year declines but month over month increases. As storefronts continue to open, automakers are beginning to roll back the March incentives that kept them afloat.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Road to the Sale: Selling in the Age of COVID

Industry voice, David Kain, maps out easy-to-use technology and entry-level steps to making your road to sale as virtual and customer-friendly as possible, including video chats, meet and greets, and walk arounds.

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FROM REUTERS: U.S. Auto Sales in May Encourage Detroit Plan to Rebuild Inventories

Month over month retail sales are climbing, and studies show 64% of consumers are more encouraged to head to the lot. Automakers are using this growing demand as a sign to power through regularly scheduled summer shutdowns and continue to grow their inventories.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Auto News Rising Stars: Automakers & Suppliers

Take a look at the women and men shaping the future of automotive, OEMs, and parts suppliers by valuing interpersonal relationships and effective communication.

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