LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 122: Power to the AI

This week’s auto advancements give kudos to the businesses keeping the industry on track. Plus, some positivity from major OEMs and intel on new car price trends.



This year’s Power 300 list outlines the companies and services dealers and industry professionals have relied on to maintain success during these uncertain times.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Cheap Cars Disappear, Relegating Entry-Level Buyers to Used

Models under $20,000 make up only 1.3% of new vehicle sales as their slim profit margins no longer justify the cost of keeping them in stock. First-time shoppers are now being directed to attractive, off-lease models to fit their tightening budgets.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Carmakers Remain Hopeful Despite Disappointing Q2 Sales Results

Despite seeing Q2 sales declines over 30%, major U.S. automakers are proud of the progress they’ve made in recent months. Ford, GM, and FCA continue to focus on streamlining operations while prioritizing employee safety and in-demand model production.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Auto Loans, Lease Deals Down 12.7% in Q2

Second quarter auto loans totaled nearly $135.9 billion, with subprime borrowers having the largest year-over-year decline in lease originations – a sign that auto consumers are still recovering from this year’s economic impacts.

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