LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 125: Working 9 to 5, AI’s Way to Make a Living

This week’s automotive advancements are working overtime. Read how August sales numbers persevered and why shoppers are increasing their time on mobile. Plus, what to expect this Labor Day weekend.


FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Auto Sales Improved in August, Still Not at Last Year’s Levels

August saw an 11% year over year sales decline due to below-average inventory levels and a delayed Labor Day weekend. Despite declines, Subaru had its best month of 2020 and brands like Honda and Toyota were saved by truck and SUV sales.

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FROM THE DETROIT BUREAU: Labor Day Auto Sales Expected to Be Hot With Sedans the Big Draw

Analysts believe more than 50% of in-market automotive shoppers are planning purchases this Labor Day weekend. Surprisingly, it is also predicted that a larger majority of shoppers will be in the market for sedans versus the incredibly popular SUVs keeping the industry afloat.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Car Research on Mobile Devices Twice as High as Desktops, but Usage Varies

A new study reveals the number of automotive shoppers doing research on mobile devices is nearly double the number using desktop computers. More specifically, many shoppers begin to switch to mobile as they move down the purchase funnel – reiterating the growing importance of mobile marketing.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Automotive Forecasters See Longer Product Cycles

North American vehicle production is estimated at 12.8 million units this year, with many OEMs holding back the rollout of fresh models as they adapt to the new normal. The lasting effects of this trend could push the average product cycle from around every five years to nearly ten.

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