LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 128: Striking a Work/AI Balance


FROM AUTO REMARKETING: How Auction Sales Volumes Have Started September

Wholesale buying has started to level out as dealers slowly regain the freedom to be more selective with their inventory. Spring and summer saw auction sales of over 100,000 units per week, but these numbers have dipped over 10% post-Labor Day.

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: Tesla, GM, and Ford All Have Vastly Different Approaches to Succeeding in the EV Market — Here’s How They Compare

Although EVs continue to make up a small percentage of annual auto sales, major automakers are fighting to define the future market. Not only are they competing for the most successful electric models, they’re also in a race for the most innovative business strategy.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Car Buying Is Changing and All It Took Was a Pandemic: The Enlightenment

COVID regulations forced many dealers into a digital future they were reluctant to join. Surveys and consumer feedback are proving shoppers have readily embraced the new era of the buying process, and dealers should be wary of falling back into old habits. 

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FROM CBT NEWS: Leveraging Sophisticated AI for Your Dealership’s Video Marketing Strategy

Dealers are elevating the once budget-breaking method of video advertising by incorporating emotionless artificial intelligence. AI automatically selects the most profitable units, generates detailed video creative, and delivers targeted ads to highly engaged shoppers – without the need for dealer intervention.

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