LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 131: See the World Through AI-Colored Glasses

FROM eMARKETER: Digital Ad Spending by Industry 2020

Digital advertising spend in the automotive sector is expected to dip 18.2% this year, recording the greatest decrease in spending outside the travel industry. Other sectors such as retail and consumer goods have managed to increase spending year over year by taking advantage of ecommerce.

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FROM REUTERS: U.S. Consumer Inflation Muted, Just Don’t Buy a Used Car

Most U.S. consumer goods saw very minor upticks in price this September, with used-vehicles being the standout exception. This segment saw its largest monthly price increase since 1969, a major sign of the heightened need for personal transportation.

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FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: The Hidden Risk in Detroit’s Big Bet on Trucks

Light-trucks and SUVs now make up 77% of market share, but analysts warn major truck manufacturers to proceed cautiously as shifting demand remains unpredictable. High vehicle prices and competing technologies could quickly alter consumer preferences. 

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Government Stimulus Checks Spur Auto Sales

The demand generated by the first wave of government stimulus checks was a saving grace for many affected dealers. Now, with a stalled second relief package, analysts are unsure how and when a second wave of stimulus money will impact sales.

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