LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 141: AI’ll be Home for the Holidays


FROM WARDS AUTO: Pandemic Fast-Forwards Digital Auto Retail to New Reality

As dealers fast-tracked implementation of digital tools and processes, satisfaction among digital customers has steadily increased, all signs pointing to digital retail and remote buying being the industry’s new reality.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE WORLD: Is Car Ownership Back in the Driving Seat?

Consumers are heading into 2021 with a fresh perspective on car ownership. 80% of U.S. city residents consider it to be essential, despite the major shifts 2020 brought.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: The Electric Year: In 2020, We Charged toward Electric Vehicles

As the majority of production and launch timelines came to a halt, EV development surged ahead in 2020. Bold rollout plans remain on track for even the most traditional automakers who plan to bring electric vehicles to market.

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FROM FORBES: The Coronavirus Holds Down Auto Sales, But It’s Still A Seller’s Market

Despite the slight decline in U.S. sales and inventories, analysts are optimistic that it’s still a seller’s market, indicating that the industry is in store for a lucrative 2021.

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