LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 146: Warm up With a Hot Cup of AI


FROM BLOOMBERG: Carmakers Face $61 Billion Sales Hit From Pandemic Chip Shortage

The recent delay in semiconductor production is expected to cut global automotive manufacturing by 3% in Q1. This delay could become costly as in-unit electronics make up nearly 40% of a car’s value.

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FROM CDO TRENDS: The Impact of AI in the Automotive Industry

Data-fueled AI technology is sweeping the industry at every step of the sales process, from vehicle production and online retailing to better understanding consumer demand.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Car Market Shifting as More Work, Shop From Home

Pre-pandemic, over 40% of passenger miles were logged going shopping and commuting to work. However, as Americans continue to work and shop remotely, many vehicle segments have yet to see a clear drop in consumer demand.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE WORLD: What’s Next for the Automotive Industry in 2021?

Analysts believe 2021 is all about keeping expectations realistic and learning from last year’s lessons in efficiency.

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