LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 155: What Doesn’t Kill Sales Makes Them Stronger


FROM FORBES: Huge Increase in March Auto Sales, Since Sales Cratered a Year Ago

Vehicle sales are up over 40% from when they first started to slip in the spring of 2020, and average transaction prices are expected to hit yet another record high.

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FROM ABC NEWS: More Consumers Are Shopping Online for Cars. Can Dealerships Keep Up?

Over the course of last year, the percentage of new car sales happening online jumped 28%. While this caused the time spent in showrooms to drop, dealers who embraced this change saw record-high profits.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Buyers Snapping Up New Cars, Even If They’re the Wrong Color

Retail sales have increased 20% year over year, but model scarcity and need-based demand are causing many shoppers to compromise on their purchase decisions.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Spring Gives Automotive Industry a Seasonal Tune-Up

Springtime is rich with opportunity for dealers, but consumers are in the driver’s seat when it comes to redefining the buying process this season.

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