LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 171: Get more bang for your marketing Bucks


FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: 25-Day Supply Of Inventory a Record Low

Dealers started the month with an unprecedented 25-day supply, just 1.3 million units on hand. This represents a significant 10-day dip in available inventory from the month prior.

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FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Selling Your Used Car? You Could Turn a Profit

The cost difference between buying a new or used vehicle right now is only around $80, but savvy consumers are opting instead to sell back their old units for thousands more than the original asking price.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Chip Shortage Is Now Affecting Actual New Car Sales Numbers

The number of new-vehicle retail listings has been on a steady decline since May, with the number of new listings this month at only 1.2 million. Analysts expect sales to remain below 2019 levels throughout the end of the year.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: AutoNation CEO Says Industry Is Done With Bloated Output

According to the CEO, the pandemic has ushered in a new era of inventory production that avoids overstocking lots and promotes both dealership and automaker profitability.

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