LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 179: Clear Eyes, High Prices, Can’t Lose


FROM KELLEY BLUE BOOK: Average New Vehicle Price Sets Record for 5th Straight Month

Nearly every major automaker saw an uptick in new vehicle transaction prices last month, a 9.6% increase across the industry, while incentive rates were slashed in half.

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FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Chip Shortage Drives Tech Companies and Car Makers Closer

As vehicles become more advanced, auto manufacturers are cutting out the distribution middlemen and beginning to work directly with microchip and technology providers in mutually beneficial partnerships.

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FROM COX AUTOMOTIVE: Despite Continued Inventory Troubles, U.S. Automobile Dealer Sentiment Remains Positive, Spurred by Record-High Profits

According to a recent Dealer Sentiment study, a majority of franchised and independent dealers believe the current market is strong. However, the outlooks on inventory levels, mix, and sales remain uncertain this quarter.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: EVs Could Change the U.S. Auto Industry in More Ways than Expected

As major automakers pledge their commitment to EVs, the industry is left wondering how parts manufacturers, service centers, and even the insurance sector might be affected by the change.

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