LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 194: Far, Far Better Inventory Ahead…

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Sales on Pace to Fall Again in Dec.; Retail Stockpiles Continue Slow Recovery

Both retail sales and new car deliveries are predicted to dip year-over-year, putting December’s SAAR somewhere between 11 and 13 million units. Transaction prices, however, are trending in the opposite direction, jumping 20% since 2020.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Automakers to Battle Chip Crisis for Years

The microchip shortage is expected to endure throughout next year, challenging many equipment manufacturers to restructure their designs and limit the nearly 1,400 semiconductors needed to run a single vehicle.

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: 2021 Was a Massive Year for Electric Cars. 2022 Will Be Even Bigger.

The number of available electric vehicle models is on track to double over the course of 2022. Diversifying the EV portfolio will make adoption more appealing and accessible to a larger number of consumers.

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FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Tech That Will Change Your Life in 2022

Take a look forward at the technology trends that will shape the new year, both in automotive and in day-to-day life!

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