LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 196: Everywhere you look, there’s a sale to hold onto

FROM BLOOMBERG: Auto Dealers See U.S. Sales Edging up 3.4% As Shortages Continue

Dealership inventories were down 59% last month and are expected to stay low, only leaving room for a predicted 15.4 million vehicle sales this year.

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FROM REUTERS: U.S. Hybrid Electric Car Sales Hit Record Highs

Hybrid vehicles, the more approachable solution to electrification, experienced a 76% sales increase last year, making up 5% of U.S. light vehicle sales.

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FROM CNBC: New and Used Car Prices Keep Climbing. Don’t Expect Relief Anytime Soon

The average transaction price for new vehicles now exceeds the average MSRP, with almost 90% of buyers paying over or within 5% of the listing price.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: GM to Launch Used-Vehicle Shopping Platform CarBravo

The automaker is taking advantage of the used inventory boom by creating a centralized location to showcase the 400,000+ used vehicles in dealers’ inventories.

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