LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 200: What if you ran the same play over, and over, and over…

FROM THE WALL STREET JOURNAL: Ford and GM Warn Dealers to Stop Charging So Much for New Cars

Over 82% of new vehicles purchased last month sold above MSRP. To discourage excessive price increases, OEM executives are hitting dealers with threats of withheld inventory and other repercussions.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Honda Wants to Keep Capping Incentive Spending as Inventories Recover

As inventory levels begin to rebound, OEMs are attempting to find a delicate balance between supply levels, pricing, and maintaining consumer demand in order to sustain profits.

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FROM CNBC: Used-Car Prices May Be Easing, Research Shows

Used vehicle prices are slowly starting to slip as inventories grow. The average cost for models between 1 to 3 years old has dipped 2.1% since early last month – around $41k per unit.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Every Super Bowl LVI Car Commercial You’ll Be Seeing for 2022

Automotive advertising is back – see which automakers will be stirring up demand during this weekend’s game.

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