LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 215: Teaching Old Inventory New Tricks?

FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Vehicle Population Rises, as Does Vehicle Age

As of January 1st, 2022, the average age of light vehicles in operation has risen consecutively for five years, reaching a record age of 12.2 years. Inventory disruption and the global microchip shortage are key contributors.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Top 6 Car Sales Tools That Every Dealership Needs Today

Does your sales team have the necessary tools to connect with customers and move deals forward? Digital retailing solutions, shopping intelligence tools, and AI applications are just a few of the top tools to help keep revenue flowing.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: The Latest Numbers on the Microchip Shortage: North America, Europe Take Losses

The microchip shortage leads to fading recovery expectations this year, with 87,500 vehicles being removed from production forecasts in North American factories just this week.

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FROM CNBC: Electric Vehicles Are in Short Supply. Here’s What You Can Find as Gas Prices Soar.

Rising gas prices are leading to the increased temptation to go electric. But with built-up demand and supply chain issues, buyers are seeing wait times extend for months – or even longer.

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