LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 237: Pricing tricks and October sales treats

FROM J.D. POWER: Supply increases help October sales pace improvement; highest October on record for spending on new vehicles

Monthly new-vehicle sales are expected to rise 12.1% year-over-year in what could be one of the most lucrative sales months on record. Buyers are on track to spend over $46 billion on new inventory before the end of the month.

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FROM CNBC: Wall Street eyes auto industry earnings for signs of ‘demand destruction’

Pent-up demand has sustained the industry for many months, but as inventory levels rise, analysts are placing bets on when the spell might break and how it might impact both manufacturer and dealership earnings.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Would you buy a car at $19,000 over MSRP? Majority say they would

A midwestern auto group has recently discovered over 65% of surveyed shoppers would feel comfortable paying significantly over MSRP. Sentiments varied by state but ultimately imply that dealers might be able to get away with elevated prices for some time.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Big banks warn of trouble with auto loans as used-vehicle pricing erodes

Used-vehicle prices dipped 7% last quarter, leaving auto lenders concerned with the future of their loans. If buyers are expected to pay more than their car is worth, it could increase the chance that they abandon their payments altogether.

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