Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 289: Feeling tricked by auto loan delinquencies?

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Industry roundup:

FROM COX AUTOMOTIVE: September CPO sales come in strong, top 2 million units year to date

September CPO sales hit 254,976 units, a 14% year over year increase, the highest since July 2021. Year-to-date CPO sales are nearly 9% higher, with luxury CPO sales up 12% and non-luxury up 8%, outperforming the used-vehicle market in 2023.

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FROM CBT NEWS: Monthly wholesale and SAAR prices decline in first half of October

Wholesale used car prices dropped 1.6% from September to the first half of October, with rising gas prices and interest rates leading to this decline. Seasonally adjusted prices were lower for almost all market categories, with pickup trucks being the exception, increasing 0.4%.

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: More people are missing car payments in another ominous sign for the economy

A spike in subprime borrowers falling behind on auto loans has led to a 6.11% delinquency rate, the highest since 1994. Prompted by high interest rates, consumers continue to take out high-cost car loans, leading to analyst predictions that auto loan delinquencies will rise into 2024, peaking at 10% before falling.

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FROM CNBC: UAW says ‘more to be won’ despite record offers from automakers, declines to expand strikes

Despite major automakers offering record-breaking proposals, including a 23% hourly pay increase, the UAW finds these offers insufficient to counteract two decades of declining wages. Ongoing negotiations aim to address wage concerns, job security, and work-life balance after nearly 5 weeks.

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