LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 93: Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like AI

This week’s automotive advancements are packing a punch. Read why subscription services might not be the underdog for long and why CPO sales are aiming for a record-breaking decade. Plus, why Tesla continues to hold the heavyweight title in the EV market.

FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: 2020 Predictions on Subscription Services, U.S. Sales

Analysts expect consumers to combat rising vehicle costs by exploring alternatives to traditional ownership. Subscription services could allow dealers to expand their service offerings while addressing affordability concerns.

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FROM BLOOMBERG: Tesla Created Demand for Electric Vehicles, but Only for Tesla

Tesla’s singular focus on dominating the EV market has paid off, while many established manufacturers are waiting to roll out their electric models until they match the price point and demand of their existing internal combustion engines.

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FROM AUTO REMARKETING: CPO Car Sales Reach 9th Straight Record Year

A 4% yearly increase put 2019’s CPO sales at 2.8 million units. If lease return volumes can remain steady in 2020, many analysts are predicting a full decade of record sales.

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FROM WIRED: A Move to Make Auto-Safety Features Speak the Same Language

To avoid further consumer confusion, the Department of Transportation is working on standardizing the language used to discuss driver-assistance technology features across manufacturers.

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