LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 94: You’re Playing Checkers. AI’s Playing Chess.

Checkmate! The industry is making moves this week with dealers heading back out to auction and major OEMs committing to EV development. Plus, take a look at the models you should and shouldn’t have on your used car lot.

FROM AUTO REMARKETING: Balmy January Creates Early Signs of Spring Market

Unpredictable weather across the country is sending eager dealers out to auction. Car segment values have softened around 0.46% throughout the beginning of the year, while the truck segment has dropped an average of 0.50%.

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FROM REUTERS: GM to Spend $2.2 Billion on Making Electric Trucks and SUVs at Detroit Factory

Checkmate! GM will make the next move in electric truck and SUV development by building a new line of vehicles late next year. Its counterpart Ford also plans to join the race to a predicted 40,000 unit EV market.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: The Quickest and the Deadest Models on Used-Car Lots

A new study analyzing the sales pace of 4 million used vehicles has proved not all consumers have made the switch to SUVs. An array of model types landed spots on both the fastest and slowest-selling lists.

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FROM WARDSAUTO: Car Dealers, OEMs and Auto Journalists Agree on One Thing

The industry is going head-to-head with affordability. Analysts predict light-trucks will make up 75% of the market this year due to consumer demand, while rising new vehicle costs are consistently turning shoppers away from the new car lot.

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