LotLinx Weekly News Vol. 96: And AI will always love you…

Can you feel the automotive advancements in the air? This week, read why auto production is temporarily on the rocks and why EVs are finally earning some love. Plus, see which dealer is the apple of Ford’s eye.


FROM CBT NEWS: Ford Dealer in Town of 700 Finishes 33rd in the Nation

LotLinx friends Preston Ford and partner iFrog Digital Marketing have used their modern advertising solutions, including additional vehicle-specific targeting, to break into Ford’s top 40 highest selling storefronts.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Sales Mostly up — That We Know Of

Although automakers continue to ghost monthly sales reports, analysts are led to believe this year’s sales projection could sit comfortably at 16.5 million units, with 6 of the 7 reporting groups seeing January gains.

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FROM CNN: Coronavirus Is Disrupting the Global Auto Industry

Temporary factory closures in China are creating a chain reaction across global auto production. The country’s factories produce one third of the over 30,000 parts necessary to build a single vehicle.

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FROM FORBES: Here’s One Automotive Segment Electric Cars Finally Outsells

EVs continue to heat up as they officially outpace the manual transmission market. As stick shift model sales decreased 0.5% in 2019, EV sales took things to the next level by rising a whole percentage point.

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