Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 264: Put your money where your inventory is

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Industry roundup:

FROM CBT NEWS: Hyundai and Kia see sales growth over April, gain steam after successful Q1

The last 12 months prove supply chain and production levels are recovering, as Hyundai and Kia expand their presence across the U.S. The two brands experienced year-over-year growth around 15%, while major competitors such as Ford and Toyota saw single digit growth despite selling significantly more units.

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FROM CNBC: Fed increases rates a quarter point and signals a potential end to hikes

In a widely expected decision, the Federal Reserve has approved the 10th interest rate hike since early 2022 – a 0.25% increase. Now, analysts are focused on whether further hikes will be paused as a result of economic concerns, potentially providing relief to both buyers and sellers. 

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FROM BUSINESS INSIDER: Automakers are pausing factory lines to help keep inventory low and prices high

In response to the microchip shortage, auto dealers were forced to sell vehicles at high prices to combat their low inventory. Now that inventories are recovering, companies are temporarily closing factories to minimize the number of vehicles on lot – limiting supply for consumers to keep prices high and holding costs low. 

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FROM KELLEY BLUE BOOK: Why the used-car market won’t get better soon

Disruptions in the new-car market continue to leave an impact on the used-car market. Manufacturers are in no hurry to expedite affordable car production, and many car owners are focused on keeping their vehicles running for as long as possible. This could lead to low numbers of used cars in the market for many years to come.

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