Lotlinx Weekly News Vol. 253: Roses are red, truck sales are high…

FROM J.D. POWER: Vehicle dependability improves despite continued problems with technology

The average number of problems per 100 vehicles has declined year over year, meaning automakers are improving the quality and appeal of their models. However, the divide between luxury and mass market brands continues to widen as luxury brands test more complex technology offerings.

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FROM AUTOMOTIVE NEWS: Car prices hit record high as automakers limit output

Now that automakers have a grasp on the inventory shortage, many are interested in keeping the supply and demand scales tipped in their favor. New-car prices are up 30% since the days of excess inventory and consumer discounts, and the average American is moving further from the possibility of a new purchase.

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FROM CAR AND DRIVER: Why are pickup trucks at the center of the auto universe? Because people keep buying them

It’s no surprise that automakers are prioritizing the modernization of their truck and SUV model lines. The popular segments made up nearly 80% of new-vehicle sales last month, and the demographic for pickup models continues to expand into younger generations.

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FROM CNBC: Why you [didn’t] see many car ads during Sunday’s Super Bowl

Automotive advertising during the big game has fluctuated over the years as OEMs focus their money and attention on more pressing aspects of the business.This year still saw ads from major brands like GM and Stellantis promoting electrification and media partnerships.

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