Understanding today’s automotive marketing lead funnel 

In this episode of Dealer Talk with Jen Suzuki, Suzanne Reimer and Jen dive into marketing lead funnels in the context of the automotive buyer market and explore the importance of syncing ads to various buyer stages.

Marketing lead funnels are a critical component of any successful marketing strategy, and are especially important in the automotive industry where the buyer journey can be complex and lengthy. By understanding the different stages of the buyer journey, automotive brands can tailor their marketing efforts to effectively engage potential customers at each stage of the funnel.

In this episode, Suzanne and Jen discuss the various stages of the marketing lead funnel, including awareness, consideration, and decision, and explore strategies for syncing ads to each stage.

Lastly, they examine the importance of continuous learning in the fast-paced world of automotive marketing. As trends and technologies continue to evolve, it is essential for marketers to stay up-to-date with the latest developments and adapt their strategies accordingly.

About the Dealer Talk With Jen Suzuki Podcast:

Dealer Talk with Jen Suzuki is an Automotive Sales and Service Podcast and is a free educational series for Dealers, Managers, Sales Teams and anyone in the Auto Industry that has a desire to obtain information that will propel growth, lead the auto industry and invoke progressive strategies. Jen Suzuki educates on staying relevant, offer ways to improve vehicle sales and service, CSI and retention. Click here for more episodes.

About the Speaker:

Suzanne Reimer currently serves as Vice President of Customer Acquisition and Marketing at Lotlinx. Her career includes over 20 years of high visibility positions at Campbell Soup Company, Church & Dwight, Bristol-Myers, Unilever, AT&T Wireless, and leadership roles on the agency side at MS3 Marketing and Arc Worldwide, and small businesses and start-ups. Suzanne was the first Marketing hire at automotiveMastermind and helped them triple the business the first year while there and saw them through their acquisition of IHS Market back in 2017.

About Lotlinx:

Lotlinx empowers automobile dealers with data and technology to give the best possible market advantage on every vehicle transaction. Lotlinx offers a suite of features such as real-time market analysis, inventory management, and precision targeted vehicle advertising. Dealers leverage the platform to identify potential inventory risks and execute VIN-specific strategies enabling them to move inventory faster and more efficiently.

To start leveraging Lotlinx technology at your dealership, request a free, individualized Inventory Risk Analysis. 

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